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10 locations you should choose for day trips

Da nang is considered as the worth living city. Da Nang have the advantages of the weather as well as the beautiful destination that attract visitors. If you come to Da Nang, don’t miss top 10 interested destination here.

1.My Khe beach

My Khe is known as queen of beach. It is symbol of beautiful Da Nang city. With a long white sandy and a blue water. My Khe makes people impressed. The great time you should go to My Khe beach is the first time in one day.

At dawn, My Khe beach has the conditions to show all the best things such as: the water vaporize and  the light of sunshine makes the space shimmer. The scenery of the people here also create a vivid picture for My Khe. The person who pulls the net lively in the corner of the sky, far away there are the aunts are bargaining for the first day market. It is a vibrant life.

2. Dragon bridge spray fire, spray water

This is also a "specialty" of Danang. On the saturday and  Sunday, Dragon Bridge Da Nang gathered almost the tourists here to admire the spray fire, spray water. These moments, Da Nang show up a majestic and superb

3.Love bridge

Since there is a love bridge, the young people of the city do not have to dream many romantic scenes of the story in Korean movies. Love bridge become a romantic place for young couples since it was built. This bridge is designed to reach the Han River to create a small road for the couple can enjoy the river view, talk together... Around the area of bridge is also decorated by the Heart- shaped lanterns make you feel sweet when you visit this place.

4. Asia Park

No need to go far, you can check in at the Asian park where is the central of beautiful city. Asian Park is a modern, vibrant entertainment that includes a variety of games. It must include the rotation of the sun. If you want to admire the sunweel, you should come here in the evening. From the high position you will see the full of Danang, it is extremely beautiful and sparkling.

5. Son Tra peninsula

If you come to Danang on a beautiful day, do not miss Son Tra peninsula. This is a pearl of Da Nang. Son Tra Peninsula has beautiful scenery of sea, mountains and forest. You will be enjoyed in the natural space with trees and the nature scenery from Linh Ung Pagoda.

Recently, The youth of Da Nang not only choose Son Tra peninsula to see the rate animals but also camp overnight here. Standing to watch the city into the night and enjoy the cold of the night that make people interested.

6. Than Tai hot spring

A new tourist destination of Danang, do not forget to come here to be immersed in the space have full of water. You will soak in water, play with water.

7. Hoi An ancient town

Although the old town is not located in Da Nang city, but everyone travels to Da Nang will spend a lots of time to visit the old town. Hoi An ancient nestled behind the modern high buildings. It is the space of home hundreds years old. It is difficult to imagine all every things are restored lively. Go to Hoi An you will admire the colorful lantern. And it is extremely beautiful memories in your mind about Hoi An.

8. Ngu Hanh Son

The same way to Hoi An, you can visit Ngu Hanh Son to admire five mountains that symbolizing the five elements: metal, wood, water, fire, terrains. Visitors come to Ngu Hanh Son will also have the opportunities to enjoy the beautiful and sophisticated sculpture from the famous artisans here.

9. Chicken Church

The Chicken Church is a familiar name for people who like travel, but when you come to Chicken Church of Da Nang, you will have new and interested feelings. Da Nang Chicken Church is a combination of the unique French architecture with the main color pink and the surrounding scenery that make you feel the sacred spiritual space. The Church was built for along time but it still keep the uniqueness things.

10. Bang waterfall

This is a place that is extremely suitable for the people who love exploring. The trials and tribulations to lead waterfall are truly delightful. Let’s build team to travel this place. The beautiful scenes of Bang waterfall have no words can describe, so you feel yourself with their feet and soul.

Here are 10 tourist destinations that you can not miss when coming to Da Nang. You can see the details in the tour of the Quang Da company through the website address .The company with lots of experience in tour consulting and booking. So you can find out the knowledge with the company through 110 - 125 Pham Nhu Xuong - Da Nang City - Viet Nam or hotline:

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