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Agile Rura

Agile Rura

One of the first ways to cancel a card is to call the company and ask them if you can cancel the card for a certain period of time. Usually this will be only 30 days, but it depends on what state you live in. You can also go to the website situs idn poker, click cancel and then you should see a page where you can cancel. You need to have the correct card information, so make sure you're not going to use it again. The website will let you know what the charges will be and will tell you how much extra you'll be charged.


If you try to cancel a card without any of the methods above, then the bank may deny your request. A lot of credit card companies don't like getting canceled cards, so they will try to get something out of you as well. In many cases the bank will ask you to pay a fee for cancellation.


If you can't get a credit card cancelled, then you should look into getting a prepaid debit card. These cards are used just like a credit card situs poker online, with a small deposit, usually less than $100. You can use this money every month instead of a credit card and it is easier to get rid of because you can't charge up to a certain amount.



Card Extort is a big business online, and unfortunately there are a lot of scammers that take advantage of the innocent people that have no idea what their rights are. Don't become a victim of card theft, it's illegal and you could end up paying more than you want to.

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