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The Poker Officer

Responsible in poker field The poker officer shall within its decisions carefully take into consideration the game and fairness. This will result to wise decisions beyond the rules. The poker player is solely responsible when a hand takes an undesirable action resulting in losing the pot to another player. If such a thing takes place idn poker, the player should first check whether he has in fact dealt the hand or not before making any move. A player who considers his own action as wrong will be responsible for it.


The player shall also know the right time to call and fold. In poker, there are two general rules that must be followed by every poker player, which are called the flop and the post-flop. There is a distinction between a raise and a fold. While a raise is an un-called action, a fold is an under-called action. A poker officer in the course of his duties may call a player with a strong hand before the flop if the latter has not made any calls on the flop.


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